Best 5 Android Apps In Apps Store

Best 5 Android Apps In Apps Store : 

Smartphones has becames part of human lifes in these days. People can not live without their mobilephones for a while. Mobilephones made human life so easy. There are some use full mobile applications which are a small softwares. We call it as apps as its shortname. We have listed Best 5 Android Apps In Apps Store. Which are worldwise used by the people.

AirDroid :

AirDroid is a mobile app used to share data from a one device to another. It is mainly used to share data between a mobile phone and a computer or laptop. Peoples who use internet most of the time. They have to share or transfer the data from their computer or laptop to mobile or its opposite. Using Airdroid You can simply login on their website &  you have to scan a QR code to connect your phone with the computer via AirDroid app. After that you can share the files with very fast speed. Free version of the app has some limit. But If you like it you can go with the premium packages to extend the limits.

Redbus : 

Every person has to travel from a place to another. Generally when we travel from a one city to another we travel wth bus. And here this useful app will really help you a lot. Redbus let you choose that seat you want to reserve of that bus in that you want to travel. You can simply fill your information after choosing the seat. After making payment you will get a confirmation sms instantly. You should use this app if you havnt tried it.

Phonepe : 

This is the most useful app in india for utility purpose. Using this app you can pay your electricity bill, landline bill, braoadband bill and much more. The coolest thing is that its based on UPI payment technology. When you register on this app you have to add your bank details using your debit card. In that process you have to genarate a four or six digit UPI PIN. That PIN will be your UPI password. You have to enter that PIN every time for doing payments using UPI payment method.

Shareit :

If you are andoid user i dont need to tell you more about this app. Its a very popular and useful app. You can simply connect your mobilephones with your friends to share data. Shareit has a option inside using that you can share this app to those who dont have installed it on their phone. May be this is the thing you might know.

Parallel Space :

Generally people has a smart

phone with one or two GB of ram. This might face them problem of stoarage. & when they want a single app used for two different accounts. Parallel Space let you use all the application inside it. So that user can access a perticular apps twice. The coolest thing is that it wont take more size of your smartphone.

So these are some Best 5 Android Apps In Apps Store. Try these apps if you havnt tried it yet, Also let us know those apps that you use and we dont have listed above. We will check it and share it with all of over friends. So that they can also get knowledge of those Andoid apps.


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