Best Multiplayer Games For Android

Best Multiplayer Games For Android : Playing Android games with friends and siblings is the best time pass of teenagers as well as yougsters. And if any android games allows you to play it in multiplayer mode then the fun gets boosted. We have collected some interesting top android games that you will love to play again and again if yu try it once. These are some multiplayer games that you can play on your android phones using a hotspot connection or in local area network.

1. NOVA Legacy : This game is about robotic wars. Robots on a one planet attacks to another planet as it happens in video games to get a interesting stoary for the game. Game has a wonderful graphics effect with amazing background views. You have a one robot with a light buttet or a laser type gun. Player has to shoot the enemy robots with his gun using controls given on his phone screen. Game gives you full of shooting as well as war game feeling.

2. Critical Ops : Critical Ops a type of shooting and killing android games. There are two teams in it. One is of terrorists and another team is counter terrorists. Both teams are try to kill players of another team. Game has a fixed time for completion. At the end of time team which kills maximum number of another team wins. There is a another interesting thing in it. terrorist team has to place a timer bomb and if they does counter team has to defuse it if bomb blasts terrorist wins. If counters succeed in defusing or saving the ground from planting the A and B grounds Counter terrorist wins.

3. Asphalt Xtreme : Its a car racing game. Gameloft gives you more than fifty vehicals. more than thousand events and hundreds of tracks. Under ice and forest roots for racing gives you amazing feeling while playing the game. Menus of the game are not as compare to good than previous or another version of gameloft games. But Still this game is full of fun for racing game lovers.

4. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is a Shooter game. Players can play in multiplayer mode in a Local Area Network. As well as a single player can play online connecting game server via internet. Game has a two side controllers in it. One side is of navigation for player to move his player inside the game from one place to another. And another side is to shoot with his gun in 360 direction. It has many which a host creator can select and other player can join his host. Heavy and serious games may not like this so much but this game is a good package of gaming entertainment.

5. Modern Combat 5 : MC5 is simply an awesome game in its similar games. Its a war game in which two different countries engages in a war with each other. Perfect Combination Army, Neavy and Airforce as like real war is a funtastic experience in it. Playing each other connecting our android phones with hotspot or on a local connection can surves you amazing gaming experience. We can say that Modern Combat 5 is simply funtastic android multiplayer game.

So guys this was some Best Multiplayer Games For Android. Try these new android games once if you havnt tried it. And tell us which game you loved more. We are soon coming with another top 10 android games for you. Tell us if any other game is left out the list in this post. For that you can comment below.


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