How to Make Money Blogging in 2018: A Beginner’s Guide (100% Free)

make money blogging

How to Make Money Blogging in 2018:

The Concept Blogging is getting popular day by day. Reason is only one money.

The First thought came in you your mind right now is How ?

So here we go, Before knowing how we can make money online with blogging. First of all you need to know about blogging. So what is blogging ? The word blogging came from the word blog. Most of you people may dont know what is blog. Let me tell you for those. Blog is a website guyz. Any website is a blog & any blog is a website. When you create a blog and share your contents or offer any business realted services. Then people will visit your blog or website. When you have large number of daily visitors to your blog or website. You will be able to place ads from googles another product Adsense. It allows you to generate ads codes from your account and place it on your blogs or website. So when people visits your site. At the same time they will see those ads. For this google will pay you money.

I have told you basic concept of blogging. More People comes to your blog more money you will make. It is very simple to understand for any one.

Where to start Blogging in year 2018 ?

First of all you have to choose a platform for your blog or website. As its name i blogging. Google has a product blogger. Google launched his product blogger in year 1999. It is a open source platfrom. Where people can make their blog. And share their knowledge with the world.  The concept got famous after a year 2005 when the people from all over the world stated sharing their contents on their blogs. You can create your blog on blogger with your gmail account. Blogger will give you a subdomain with his domain. It will be looks like and later you can add your own domain like purchasing with domain registration services.

make money blogging

Blogger will give its interface where you can write your posts and dd pictures and videos and customize it with various themes. But the most of people dont use blogger for their blogging career. Why ? There is a reason. Its name is wordpress. WordPress is also a opensource platform. Which is quite different from the blogger. WordPress give you full customization of your blog or your website. Where you can do what ever you want with your blog. But to create website with wordpress you need to buy a domain and hosting.

If you are a newbee and just want to try first. You can use free domain and hosting services available on google searches. But If you are serious about blogging as a career. You must go with a premium domain and hosting. Once you started writing blog post. You have to get some knowledge of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Which will help you to get maximum number of daily visitors from the google, bing and other serach engines.

I tried to share the concept with my two years of experience in my blogging career. Please let me know if it helped you a little bit. Also ask me any question or a doubt you have in your mind about How to Make Money with Blogging in year 2018. I will definitely try to solve your queries

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